Frequently Asked Questions


Can I make copies of the leads sheets and script?
Can I burn a copy of audio I purchased onto a CD?
Can I make copies of the audio tracks for my band or singers?

Our youth group needs to raise funds. Can you help us?

Should I buy a download instead of a CD?

Do I need anything special to play or see a downloaded file?

How do I buy a download?

How long does it take to download a file?


Do you keep my credit card information on file?
What is your refund policy?

Can I purchase by check, money order or PayPal?

Can I buy from a Book Store or Music Retailer that I’ve heard of?

Why do you give out free Outreach Tools?


I have a store and want to carry “WAiT – it’s a musical!” products. Who do I contact?


Can I Make Copies of the Play Script & Lead Sheets?

Yes, once you have purchased the Play Script & Lead Sheets and registered your production, we give you a limited license to make copies of PRINTED materials for limited distribution to you cast/band.

Licensing is all about giving you a restricted permission to to make the copies you need for your performance. We give you permission to distribute the copies you need to the performers in the group named in the license. (If you are the director and you move to another church , school or theater, you need to buy new copies of performance materials and get a new license.)

If you have purchased the Sample Pack, you are allowed to make one copy, just for yourself.
Can I burn a copy of audio I purchased onto a CD?

Yes. It’s very easy. But you can make copies only for your own personal use, unless you buy a Limited License to Copy Audio.

I have licensed a production of the show. Can I make copies of the AUDIO tracks for my band or singers?

Yes. If you want others to have copies of that audio (because they are in the cast or band), just purchase a Limited License to Copy Audio. It is easy and cheap, most groups ask each band/cast member to reimburse them for their copy. Just remember you have to pay for every copy you make. Even if you have a church-related band or performance group. “WAiT – it’s a musical!” is NOT covered by CCLI or any other church licensing entity. And  only A.M.TuneShop, LLC (that’s us) give you permission to present the show, or issue a Live Stage Performance, Limited License to Copy Audio, or any other license.

IMPORTANT: Once you’ve registered your production, you ARE allowed to copy the play script and lead sheets for your cast/band members. (We don’t do that for audio products because one fee would mean that small productions would overpay and large productions would underpay. Just pay for the number of audio copies you actually need. And please don’t make illegal copies!)

If you want to make and distribute copies of your group’s performance, there may be small Mechanical, Master Use, Videogram or other licensing fees involved, depending on what you want to do. But, unlike some other publishers/record labels, we make it very easy for you get these permissions – legally and quickly. Just tell us what you think you want to do when you register your production and we’ll tell you in advance what it would cost.


There are two ways to raise funds through the musical. One is by selling tickets and the other is by buying Listening CDs at a discount and re-selling them for a profit.

To sell tickets, just tell us that is what you want to do when you register your production. You’ll have to pay a small royalty, but it is based on your ticket sales, so you don’t need to worry about losing money because of the royalty fees. It is just that if you want to make money off the show, then we want to make money off the show.


If you have a retail store and interested in distributing A.M.TuneShop products, please contact:

Super D/Phantom Distribution
Mark Grindle
National Sales Manager, Indy Retail
17822 “A” Gillette Ave.
Irvine, CA 92614
Toll Free: 866-666-1170 Ext. 209
Fax: 866-666-5162



Do you keep my credit card information on file?

No. Due to the mysteries of secure purchasing via the internet, we never even see your credit card information. And our payment processing/download partner is super secure.

What is your refund policy?

Downloads: If you’ve purchased a download from A.M.TuneShop, we guarantee we WILL deliver the file. We cannot issue refunds on downloads, however. If you are purchasing a download from other entities (iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.) , please check their return/refund policies.

CDs: We guarantee our CDs and want you to be happy. So we will exchange any defective products, and pay the shipping.

My group doesn’t use PayPal. Can I purchase CD’s by check, money order or credit card?

You betcha! You can order by phone or fax, too. Click here for information.

I’d rather buy from a store that I’ve heard of…

You can buy the MP3s of audio from many well-known online merchants and retailers, but you can only download  performance materials and a permission to perform the show directly from A.M.TuneShop, LLC.


Want to sell Fundraiser CDs either to help promote an upcoming show or after your show? Please contact us for details, order forms, advise and deeply discounted bulk CDs that you can re-sell for a profit.


Should I buy a download instead of a CD?

Most people buy downloads because they can get the music right away. You can get performance materials on disc from CDBaby.   Or you are welcome to buy a back-up CD during the checkout process for an additional fee.

Do I need anything special to play or see a downloaded file?

Yes. To play audio files, you’ll need some kind of an MP3 player or, in the case of Apple i-Tunes and most other providers, you’ll need their player, which is usually downloaded free from their site to your computer. Most people have a player already installed in their computer. You can use that player to listen to audio files.

You’ll need a PDF reader (like Adobe Reader, or PDF Preview) and maybe an archive utility to open zip files.  Here is a link to some zip info from Microsoft. Most modern computers come with these utilities already installed, so that all you have to do is click on the file and it opens.

How do I buy a download?

It’s really easy. Just go to our Products page, and select what you want to buy. If you just want songs, we sell through iTunes, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, Verizon Wireless, Walmart.com and a boatload of other companies. If you don’t already have an account, you can set one up, in which case, you’ll be asked for credit card information. (You’ll be their customer; we aren’t involved in the transaction at all.)

If you have another favorite company where you buy downloads, chances are they have our music, or will have it soon.  So take a look around their site, possible under Christian music, soundtracks or musicals.

How long does it take to download a file?

It all depends on how you are connected to the internet. The Sample Pack is a whopping 37MB of material – it is a .zip file of 13 songs, the play script and sample lead sheets. Even for a high-speed connection this download will take several minutes. If you have a really slow internet connection, you may want to buy a CD instead of a digital album. Here are some guess-timates for the time it could take to download one 3MB song file:

28.8K Modem – 21 minutes
56.6K Modem – 11 minutes
128K ISDN – 5 minutes
CABLE/DSL/T1 – 25 seconds

I suspect that my anti virus software is keeping me from downloading properly. Is that possible?

Some anti-virus and/or internet security software works so well that you can’t download the files you want. As a workaround, if you are having trouble, you might consider temporarily disabling the software until you successfully download the album. Then turn the anti-virus/security program back on and scan the files before you open them. If you have any concerns about this procedure, please don’t do it (or consult your anti-virus software vendor before disabling the program. ) If you’re really worried, please buy our CD’s instead!

Outreach Tools

We do this because we are nice!

Many of our customers are organizations operated by volunteers and they sometimes have difficulty finding a volunteer experienced in publicity. It is relatively easy for us to help in this area. We do it for FREE because we want your production to be successful, and because we want to thank you for performing our show! Check out the FREE Outreach Tools.

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