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“This will no doubt become a standard performance piece for progressive churches, and rightly so. Chris Anderson’s musical is one of the freshest Christmas offerings to come along in quite some time…”

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“WAiT – it’s a musical!” is a modern pop rock musical re-telling of the Nativity. It focuses on the background characters in the gospel accounts, and is set just before the birth of Jesus.

Key features:
CONTEMPORARY POP ROCK MUSIC for guitar, keys, bass and drums,
* Forty-five minutes long – easily replaces a regular worship service,
* Easy-to-produce – just print scripts and music, expand the cast as needed.

Live Stage Production products are available as downloads, including:
* Play Script,
* Accompaniment Tracks,
* LEGAL licenses to copy songs
, and
* FREE Outreach and Publicity tools!

Perfect for:
* church praise and worship bands,

* student, college, adult or touring choirs
* youth performance groups or religious schools,
* Christian theatrical groups.

Have you been looking at Christmas plays, or searching for church program ideas in Vacation Bible School (VBS) materials, to find an upbeat and modern Biblical musical? If so, you’ll love this gospel musical play!

“WAiT – it’s a musical!” has been presented in the U.S. and internationally by as few as eight and as many as four hundred cast members, in settings ranging from a small coffee house to large stage venues. Find out more…