This Christmas Bible Musical in a nutshell…

Length: 45 minutes
Cast Size: Small/Flexible; minimum 2 females, 3 males. Solos/duets for 8 different characters; add/delete townspeople as needed.
Category: Biblical meaning of Christmas, Historical, Comedy, Drama
Ideal for: Those seeking dramatized Bible stories- Churches, Schools, Fund Raising, Coffeehouses, Low Budgets, Colleges
Staging: Flexible; staged reading to full production.
Band minimum: Electric/acoustic guitar, bass, drums.
Nice to have instruments: Piano, sax, percussion, synthesizer, acoustic guitars.
Difficulty-Band: Intermediate.
Difficulty-Singers: Easy to learn/Intermediate singing ability
Songs: 13 songs All original material (no Christmas Carols)
Musical styles: Pop, Contemporary Christian, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Alternative Rock, R & B, Klezmer

Set right before the birth of Jesus, it’s all about the Biblical meaning of Christmas, plus it is modern and fun! “WAiT – it’s a musical!” is based on Luke & Matthew’s birth narratives (Luke 1:1-56 & Matthew 1:18-24.)