License to Copy Audio

Get A License to Copy Audio

License to Copy Audio – Minimum order -$30.00 for 6 copies; $5 each

Limited License to Copy Audio – $5 each
Purchase includes 1 digital album.  Minimum cast size is six.

Pay for the right to make copies of the full “WAiT -it’s a musical!” digital album – all 13 songs- then legally give copies to your band/cast members.

Once in your shopping cart, you will be able to add more licenses to the initial six. Check the “add licenses” box, then add as many as you like.


1)  Your purchase of the WAiT- its a musical! Play Script & Lead Sheets entitles you to make print copies of the script & lead sheets you need for your production.
2)  To give cast/band members audio copies of the songs, you need to pay for each copy you hand out.
3)  The smallest possible cast is 6 people.
3)  Each additional copy of the full album (13 songs) is only $5.00. Such a deal!
4)  After your purchase, we will issue your organization a written permission to make the copies, based on the information you provide and what you have paid for.
5)  Customers purchasing downloads through this website will receive a separate email with download instructions and a link to the purchased product.
6)  Cast/band members could alternatively purchase the CD or buy downloads. The big difference is cost – buying a license to copy and burning your own discs saves about 50% per copy.)
7) This license is LIMITED. You can make copies for cast/band members. No resales or other distribution.